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Enterprise Strength
Technical support

Technical Support

As one of the most experienced designers and manufacturers of food freeze-drying technology in China, the company's first 100M2FD equipment has been put into market operation in 1997. And has reliable equipment operation records.

In 2003, the single largest domestic FD280M2 food freeze-drying equipment was put into the market first.

In 2010, the first lyophilizer with external multiple cold trap alternate working mode was put on the market.

The latest development, as a special invitation unit of [China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association], participated in the formulation of the freeze dryer industry group standard [T/CFPMA 0017-2021 Food Vacuum Freeze Drying Equipment]

Through continuous scrutiny and improvement of each process of the freeze-drying process, we can provide the most reasonable freeze-drying design plan for food factories.

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Preferred accessory suppliers (partial):
Refrigeration compressor: BITZER, Germany; Kobelco, Japan
Refrigeration valves: Danfoss, Denmark; parker, USA; Emerson, USA
Pneumatic components: Taiwan AirTAC;
Cooling Tower: Taiwan LiangChi

Cryogenic circulation pump: Hermetic, Germany; Teikoku, Imperial Japan
Vacuum pump: Leybold Oerlikon, Germany; BUSCH, Germany
Heat medium pump: Grundfos, Denmark; WILO, Wilo, Germany
Electrical and instrumentation: Siemens, Germany; Schneider, France; JUMO, Germany; Omron, Japan; Azbil, Japan;

Service guarantee

Service Guarantee

As the latest combination of Hangzhou Ouhui Machinery Co., Ltd., with a plant area of 5000 square meters, it has strong processing and production capabilities in the industry. There are 71 employees and 19 professional and technical personnel, including a wholly-owned holding company [Hangzhou Ouhui Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.].
Ouhui Electric also has strong technical strength in electrical aspects such as PLC program design and frequency conversion industrial control design. In 2019, it was awarded the [National High-tech Enterprise] qualification.
Due to the close cooperation between Ouhui Machinery and Ouhui Electric, our freeze dryer can also have better after-sales service.

Please send an email:sales@oht-freezedrying.com

Please send an email:sales@oht-freezedrying.com
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